The secret to life is giving!

legMany of you won’t know that I’ve spent the last 20 weeks nursing a serious leg and knee injury and have undergone surgery twice. I was initially told that the extent of the damage was “life changing” and that doing regular things that I had taken for granted for so long are now going to be a real challenge. I’ve been unable to stand on or use my right leg at all for over 5 months and I have at least another 4 weeks to go before I can even attempt to walk unaided. The injury has meant many hours, days and weeks spent on the sofa thinking about life, soul searching and, at times, feeling very sorry for myself. I have a wife and 3 children under the age of 10 so you can imagine the impact my injury has had on them too.

Bizarrely, the main thing I’ve realised over the last few months is that I’m extremely lucky. I have received so much support from friends and family, which has been vital. The unbelievable care and attention by NHS nurses and doctors also means the initial fears are now unlikely and fingers crossed I should make a full recovery, subject to lots of hard work in the gym and with the physio of course!

The initial injury, the soul searching and the help I’ve received has undoubtedly changed my outlook on life. I’m incredibly determined to give something back and to be less selfish.

I considered leaving the recruitment industry completely – it can be a pretty shallow place. I’ve tried not to make a habit of telling people about the injury (I’m taking 16 pills a day, self injecting to prevent blood clots and in extreme pain 80% of the time) so the low opinion of recruiters and the obvious rejection we receive daily has been harder than ever to deal with.

Tony Robbins famously said “the secret to life is giving”, so from now on, I’ve decided to donate 10% of all the recruitment fees I bill to charity. Forever. This isn’t a fad or a gimmick, it’s something I’m very passionate about and believe I can genuinely make a difference to clients, candidates and potentially 100s of others.

I look forward to posting future updates on the charities I’ve been able to support!

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