Is The Office Really Dead?


“Digital Nomad” “Gig Economy” “100% Remote” “WFH” are all phrases I see and hear every day. Everyone seems to want to be their own boss and nobody wants to go to the office anymore.

I’ve been a “stand-alone” recruiter on and off for 10 years, I personally miss having and seeing colleagues every single day and find it tough! I’ll admit that at times I’m lonely. I miss the banter, the camaraderie, the learning and even the politics and bitching that comes with having colleagues & teammates that you see in an office for 8 hours 5 days per week.

Candidates tell me that they are more productive when they work from home and they work longer hours. I must be doing it wrong because I don’t, I get asked to do the school run, I run an errand, my wife wants to chat or even “pop to IKEA”!

I appreciate it will vary greatly from position to position but is remote working actually better for business or is it just fashionable right now?

Does it really improve mental health? Looking at my own experience, I think my mental health has suffered.

Can anyone share real results where they have achieved more while working in the local Costa or from a hot desk compared to going to the office?

Are you a business owner who has recently implemented a WFH policy? Are you pleased with the results so far?

I’d love to hear your views, opinions and stories – Is The Office Really Dead?

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